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Where to travel

"Do you ever feel the desire to visit foreign places? See faraway lands and cities, some very old, with hundreds of years of history and timeless stories, and some very new, with electric modern energy and unique architecture! We feel that, too, so we created a collage of pictures and stories for anybody who needs a little bit of inspiration and ideas for their next trip. We included some of our favorite places that we've seen, and some that we would like to see! Go ahead--there's a whole world out there, waiting for you!"

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What to see

"Picture this: you decide to take a well-deserved vacation to a very special place. When you arrive, you're stunned by its beauty! But with so much to explore, what do you start with? Old architecture, hidden gardens, twisting streets... how do you find them? How do you learn more? It's hard to know what is out there when there's so much, and we hear you--we know the struggle of just not knowing what there is to see, only to miss out. We created our website in hopes of helping others find what they're looking for, and turn their trips into once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Take a look through our collection to find your own special places!"

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Know what you see

"There's so much history packed into any one monument, and standing in front of it can seem like an overload of information. What do you look for? When was it built, and what is there to know about it? What interesting, little-known tidbits are there to know about a place with so many stories behind it? It can be overwhelming, but we've put all this information and much more in one easy place for you to answer all your questions. Take a look and see what you find!"

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Interesting stories

"We all have those stories that hook us in from the first page, and that stick with us for days after reading. Or the real-life stories that we learn about history and the people that have shaped our world--ancient civilizations, exceptional people, events that still affect us to this day. It's inspiring stories like these that make our lives interesting and teach us life-long lessons that last. These are the stories that give us new inspiration to do something truly special. It's stories like these that we want to share with you!"

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Photo gallery

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"If you have a few minutes to spare, let me tell you more about my favorite places, memories, discoveries, extraordinary people and their creations, favorite foods to try, and the souvenirs that caught my eye!"

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About Vaycaypedia

"Welcome to my blog! I hope you find it useful during your travels--I know it's definitely something I wish I had on my past trips. It all started a few years ago, when my family and I vacationed to Italy--one of the most beautiful countries there is, with a long and rich history and an abundance of art and attractions to visit. I made so many memories there, and it was in part due to a good friend of mine who, lucky for me, knows a lot about art and art history. She was kind enough to help me decide my route and itinerary. I would call her at the end of every day and rave about my adventures but to my dismay, she would always mention details about the art (its symbolism, its meaning, its significance in history...) that I had not noticed, simply because I didn't know to look for them. I wish I had researched and known what to look for, so that I could appreciate what I was seeing fully when it was right in front of me and so I wouldn't feel as if I was missing out on the true beauty of what was around me... and thus, this blog was born! I created it with the hope that it might help fellow travellers find the information they need and so that we can share in the magic of history together (and to help me plan my own future trips, too!)."


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